CCGOP County Chairs and Election Highlights

This is an attempt to compile a history of the CCGOP. This is not complete and has been created from memory. If you know of any other events, dates, award recipients or corrections, please email [email protected]

2021-Current David Allen

2019-2021 Dennis Bailey

2017-2019  Joel Shores

2015-2017 Ronnie Whetstine
Betsy Harnage, first Republican elected Register of Deeds.
Republicans carry all partisan races on the ballot in Cleveland County.

2014-2015 Tracy Montgomery
Robbie Morgan elected Coroner. First Republican other than commissioner elected to local office
Mike Miller elected District Attorney (District 27B, Cleveland & Lincoln County)

2013-2014 Ted Alexander

2011-2013 Tom Tanguay

2009-2011 Wes Westmoreland

2009-2009 Jason Falls

2007-2009 Wayne King
Debbie Clary elected to NC Senate- only GOP legislative pick-up in United States

2005-2007 Kathy Livsie

2001-2005 Wes Westmoreland

2001 John Cabiness

1997-2001 Tim Moore
1998, Charlie HarryJim Crawley & Ray Thomas, First Republican majority on County Commission

1995-1997? CC Guy

1993-1995? -Charlie Harry?
1994, Dennis Davis first Republican elected to NC Senate from Cleveland County,
along with Debbie Clary first female Republican elected from Cleveland County (NC House)

1991-1993? Dennis Davis

1991-1993 Scott Griffin?

1989-1991- Dr. Bill Claytor

1987-1989? Cheryl Sisk

1986-1987? Col. Pat Hamner
1988, John Weatherly first Republican elected to state office (NC House
and Charlie Harry first Republican elected to local office (County Commission)

1981-1986 John Cabiness?

1979-1981 Skip McCartney?


Lifetime Achievement

Lifetime Achievement Award is given to one who has dedicated their life to the party, and has made its ideals a mainstay in their life.

2017- Debbie Clary
2015 – Dr. Jerry Self
2011- Chuck Heath
2005 – John Cline
2004- Gaines Washburn
??? Ruth Wilson
???John Weatherly

Republican of the Year

The Republican of the Year is given annually to someone who has best exemplified the  ideals  and goals of the Republican party and has been instrumental in advancing  our positions during the past year.

2017 – Dennis Bailey & Patti Alexander
2015 – Nick Berryhill & Guy Smith
2013- Don Allen & Ruth Wilson
2005- Matthew Canipe
2004 – Jerry Self

Sprit of Reagan Award

The Spirit of Reagan Award recognizes the person who best exemplifies the legacy of Ronald Reagan.

2017 – Speaker Tim Moore
2005 – Will Troutman

Spirit of Ruth Wilson Award

Spirit of Ruth Wilson Award is presented to the woman who has stood firm in her beliefs, even when it has not been the popular thing to do.

2017 – Carole Allen

20?? - Libbey Lavender

2005, Inaugural Year – Ruth Wilson